Saturday, October 20, 2012

Power Line Fire 10-19-12

Friday night's windstorm brought a power line fire for Engine 95. The fire which was located just south of Johannson and Orchard was above the transformer and the gusts of wind were causing the burning pole to fling embers into nearby trees and fields. Luckily no further fires were sparked, and Avista crews were quick to respond. The pictures below are of an Avista Lineman putting out the fire.

Photo Shoot

These guys just wanted to have a photo shoot after I updated their photos in the "Meet the Crew" section.

From left to right: FF Anderson, FF Colt and FF Hairston

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Down Power Line 10/2/12

This last tuesday night, kept District 9 crews very busy. Most of our district was called to man the Beacon Hill Fire with City Fire. During the fire, Engine 95 was called along with Spokane Engine 18 to respond to a downed power line. The wind was causing all kinds of problems around the city.

When we arrived on scene, this is what we found.

Though the pictures are a little blurry, you can see the masive pine tree that crashed down on the house, landing right on a power line. On the inside of the house, the tree branches had punctured through the ceiling.
Luckily no one was injured, and Avista was quick to respond, releasing Engine 95 to go on stand-by until the Beacon Hill Fire was contained.