Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Float 2011

 That's right, its that time of year for Santa and his Elves (District 9 Firefighters) to go and spread Christmas cheer to our neighbors in the Linwood and Five Mile Neighborhoods. This year, just like years previous Santa and his buddies were collecting food for the food bank. We want to thank all those who gave this year and wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas.

 From left to right: FF Anderson, Capt. Perkins, FF Mallory, FF Scanlon, Santa, FF Hunt, FF Negus, FF Davis and Lt. Varner.

 From left to right: (Front) FF Hunt, Lt. Borders, FF Schick, Lt. Varner, FF Mallory.
(Back) FF Anderson, FF Negus, Santa, Capt. Perkins

 From left to right: (Front) Cooper and Mason, FF Schick, Recuit Observer Christy, Lt. Varner
(Back) FF Anderson, Lt. Borders, Santa, FF Hunt, FF Heglin, FF Van Gelder

As you can see, Santa has a great effect on all the kids.

FF Hunt drives the engine on the 2nd night of Santa Float.

 Lt. Varner and his guest manned the support vehicle at the tail end of the convoy.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nine Mile Structure Fire 12/3/11

 Saturday brought us several calls, one of which was a fire in Nine Mile Falls. Crews from Engines 93,97,95, and 91 as well as City Engine 17, along with Tender 93,97 and 98, fought this blaze.

 The Engine 95 crew led by Firefighter Schick in the far left, followed by Firefighters Negus and Bernsdorf. Not pictured from Engine 95 (Firefighters Heglin, Hunt and Davis.)

 Firefighter Bernsdorf.

 Engine 95 crew moving into scene.

 Former Member of Engine 95, Firefighter Richards.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


 Captain Perkins leading the team. These are all from this summer 2011 at the fire training grounds you men do a great job it takes a lot of team work to complete these company evolutions.

 Trouble makers!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Recruit Graduation 11/7/11

Last night the recruits of Region 9 Class of 2011-2 graduated. We had one recruit from our station graduating. 3 Fire Agencies participated, Cheney Fire, Spokane County Fire District #4, and Spokane County Fire District #9.

 Recruits from Spokane County Fire District #4

 Recruit Heglin receiving his diploma.

 Recruits from Spokane County Fire District #9

 Captain Perkins with our graduate, Firefighter Heglin.

 From right to left: (front row) Lieutenant Everman, Firefighter Heglin, Captain Perkins.
(back row) Firefighter Vangelder, Lieutenant Borders, Senior Firefighter Scanlon and Firefighter Davis.

Station 95 would like to congratulate Firefighter Heglin and the rest our the recent graduates of the Region 9 Fire Academy and wish them the best in their careers.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New ad

The district's new ad for fire prevention safety.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Live Burn Training 10/17/11

 This past Monday we had training at our burn tower at Station 92. Crews from stations 91, 92 and 95 participated in the live fire training.

 On the left of this picture a crew from Engine 95 pulls up to fight the fire in a simulated one level rancher.
On the right of this picture, Ladder 91 pulls up to fight a simulated fire in a apartment.

Firefighter Schick helps Firefighter Hunt with pump operations.

 Getting SCBA's on to enter the building. Firefighters Hairston, Mallery Vangelder and Lieutenant Everman enter the building on the initial attack, while Captain Perkins acts as Incident Commander.

 Engine 95 crew at the door while a crew from 92 ventilates the bravo side of the second floor apartment.

 The rescue crew preparing to enter to help find any potential victims.
 Loading the hoses after the first evolution.

 Second evolution, Engine 95 attack crew of Firefighters Mallery, Negus and Lieutenant Borders enter the 2nd floor apartment fire via the delta side. 

 Rolling up the 5 inch after the 2nd evolution.

 Lieutenant Everman stops to pose for a picture.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Live-Burn Training 10/3/11

Our training this last Monday took place at Station 92, where we took part of in a live burn exercise with crews from Rescue 92 and Ladder 91. Though the pictures are not the best quality (they are from my phone), you can see some of what we did.
 In this picture, Ladder 91 has put their aerial ladder on top of the roof of the burn tower, and after climbing to the top, we participated in ventilation training.

Here, 3-man crews were taking turns making entry and fighting fire on both the 1st and 2nd floors.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ladder Truck Fire Video

Video from a fire in Waxahachie Texas at the Megnablend Chemical Plant. In this video a Ladder Truck become engulfed in flames.

And another video of the fire.


Here is a link to the enitre story.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Historic Mik Bottle Building Fire 9/25/11

Last night the historic Milk Bottle and neighboring Ferguson's cafe became engulfed in flames that was intensified due to flames and heat reaching a ground level natural gas line

You can view pictures of the incident here:

Our station was not involved in this incident. Crews from the Spokane Fire Department were on scene taking care of this fire.

The Milk Bottle was built in 1932 and was seen in the movie "Benny and June" in 1993.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Prairie Day 9/24/11

 Today was the annual Prairie Day Celebration. On Prairie Day, the grange opens up to local small produce farmers and crafters to sell their wares. There is usually games for the kids, food and music. On Prairie Day we open the fire station for anyone who wants to come and look at the station and the trucks.

Firefighter Anderson shows of the engine.

Outside produce vendors.

Inside the grange were the various crafts and other people selling their wares.

Across the street at the old school house was the "jump-house", face painting, games, food and the live music.