Friday, October 21, 2011

Live Burn Training 10/17/11

 This past Monday we had training at our burn tower at Station 92. Crews from stations 91, 92 and 95 participated in the live fire training.

 On the left of this picture a crew from Engine 95 pulls up to fight the fire in a simulated one level rancher.
On the right of this picture, Ladder 91 pulls up to fight a simulated fire in a apartment.

Firefighter Schick helps Firefighter Hunt with pump operations.

 Getting SCBA's on to enter the building. Firefighters Hairston, Mallery Vangelder and Lieutenant Everman enter the building on the initial attack, while Captain Perkins acts as Incident Commander.

 Engine 95 crew at the door while a crew from 92 ventilates the bravo side of the second floor apartment.

 The rescue crew preparing to enter to help find any potential victims.
 Loading the hoses after the first evolution.

 Second evolution, Engine 95 attack crew of Firefighters Mallery, Negus and Lieutenant Borders enter the 2nd floor apartment fire via the delta side. 

 Rolling up the 5 inch after the 2nd evolution.

 Lieutenant Everman stops to pose for a picture.

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