Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inland Northwest Trauma Conference 2012

 This year I was privileged to be able to attend the Inland Northwest Trauma Conference. It was an great opportunity, filled with lots of information. I was even able to pick up a really cool concussion assessment tool for the engine. While at the conference, Spokane Valley Fire Department had an extrication demonstration in the parking lot, and when asked for volunteers, I couldn't help but raise my hand. What did I get in return? Take a look and see.
That's right! I got a C-Collar and was extricated via the KED, a device that allows the firefighter to pull the victim out in a sitting position, without having to slide a backboard in. 

And here I am getting strapped to a backboard. What you can't see, is that my legs are still bent in the sitting position, and would stay like that until they release the thigh straps.

 A colleague of mine from Davenport Ambulance, was also in the car with me and was extricated via a backboard.

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