Friday, August 17, 2012


It's that time of year, that wildfires seem to be dominating the landscape around us. Both California and Idaho are dealing with two humongous Complex fires at this time, while Washington has it's own fires to worry about, taxing resources from around the country.

So, for those who like to get the latest updates on wildfire action across the United States, InciWeb has proved to be quite a resourceful tool.

Two of the things most interesting to Washington state residents, is following the two big fires around us, the Taylor Bridge Fire and the Buffalo Lake Rd. Fire.

Between these two fires there are over a 1000 firefighters currently working on these fire lines. A staggering figure, when you take into account the amount and size of fires currently burning in other parts of the country.

Here is a story about the Buffalo Lake Rd. Fire from KREM, which they have now determined as lightning caused:

Here are the two most recent stories from KREM and KING5 News about the Taylor Bridge Fire:

And a video from KING5 News

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