Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scott SCBA and Mask - 1/7/13

Tonight we received our air masks for our new Scott SCBA's. 

Above: Firefighter Heglin and Firefighter Hairston don their new masks, while Captain Perkins reviews the mask instructions.

Above: Firefighter Andeson dons his mask. To his right is Recruit Observer Jaynes.

Firefighter Schick dons his mask, applying the new HEPA filter attachment.

Learning how to don the SCBA's.
Above: (from left to right) EMS Captain Tevlin, FF's Schick, Anderson, Hairston, Hunt and Mallory, Lieutenant Varner, FF's Colt and Scanlon.

Above: Firefighter Schick and Firefighter Anderson donning our new mask with HEPA filter 

Above: Firefighter Colt shows off our new SCBA and mask.

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