Saturday, August 27, 2011

Physical Agility Test 8/27/11

Today was the physical agility test for those who wish to become recruits and then ultimately volunteer firefighters for District 9. Unfortunately, not everyone passed this year, we had 2 fails. But both were encouraged to train hard and try again in the spring.

 Firefighter Schick.

 Recruit Dave before the PAT.

Tech Rescue Team setting up the line for climbing the aerial ladder.

Recruits this year had to climb to the top of the 100' aerial ladder at a 70 degree angle. In the past before the new ladder, recruits climbed the 65' ladder at a 70 degree angle.

Recruits then were put through the "Black-Out Maze", where they wore full turnouts, air pack and mask, with a hood turned backwards to block their vision.

Recruits preparing for the "Combat Course." 

Good luck to the new recruits of Region 9 class 2011-2. 

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