Saturday, August 13, 2011

Station 95 Open House

Today was the open house for Station 95. We had a ton of fun. We were joined by the new 100' aerial ladder from Station 91, a vintage ambulance from AMR, a new ambulance, Engine 91, and the star of the day a helicopter from Medstar. We had a great turnout and we were excited to meet the citizens of the district and show them our station.

 Medstar coming in for a landing.

This helicopter is special because it was in Washington D.C. when 9/11 occurred.

Some of our company with vintage firefighting helmets from countries such as Germany, Russia, Italy and France.
In front from left to right: (Firefighters Richards and Anderson)
Second row from left to right: (FF Scanlon, Lt. Borders, Lt. Everman, FF's Bernsdorf, Negus and Hunt.)
Back row from left to right: (FF Davis and Lt. Varner)

From left to right: (FF's Richards and Anderson and Lt. Everman)

The kids wanted to try on a helmet.

Then the full turnouts.

 A view from the top of the aerial ladder.

 Beautiful 5-Mile

 Smokey needed a hug and Firefighter Richards was happy to oblige.

A video of Medstar leaving from the boom of the aerial ladder.

More photos will be coming. We had a great time this year. Thanks to the citizens of District 9 for allowing us to opportunity to serve you.

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