Tuesday, September 20, 2011

District 9 to offer CPR classes to the community

When a medical emergency occurs, immediate attention and care is crucial. Would you know
how to respond?

Fire District 9 encourages every citizen to be prepared.

To assist in your preparation, we offer Adult Heartsaver CPR classes on a regular basis.
Classes are free of charge to residents and business of Fire District 9. There is a nominal charge for those outside our district.
The class covers adult CPR, child CPR (over age 1), choking and AED use. This class is perfect for worksites, safety personnel, caregivers, school staff and staff working in a medical setting but do not provide direct patient care.

Class time is 4 hours, and the certification is valid for 2 years. All participants perform a
CPR skills test.

We also offer a FREE Friends and Family CPR class that covers adult CPR, child CPR, infant CPR and choking. No certification card is issued for this class.

This class is perfect for new parents and family members, as well as community

Sign up for a class today or get additional information by calling 466-4602
members that want to know CPR.

You Could Save a Life!

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