Monday, September 5, 2011

Remembering 9/11/01

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001. I can still remember to this day, where I was when I heard the news, and I would imagine most still do. I felt it would be good to take this time to recall some of the events of that day. 

8:46 AM: Flight 11 crashes into the WTC (World Trade Center) north tower, Flight 11 crashes at roughly 490 mph into the north side of the north tower of the World Trade Center, between floors 94 and 98. The aircraft enters the tower mostly intact. It plows to the building core, severing all three gypsum-encased stairwells, dragging combustibles with it. A massive shock wave travels down to the ground and up again. 

8:46 to 10:29: At least 100 people (some accounts say as many as 250), primarily in the north tower, trapped by fire and smoke in the upper floors, jump to their deaths. One person at street level, firefighter Daniel Thomas Suhr, is hit by a jumper and dies. No form of airborne evacuation is attempted as smoke is too dense for a successful landing on the roof of either tower. 

9:03: Flight 175 crashes into the south WTC tower. Flight 175 crashes at about 590 mph (950 km/h) into the south side of the south tower, banked between floors 78 and 84. 

 9:38 AM: Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon, ripping a gaping hole into it.

9:59 AM: The south tower of the World Trade Center collapses. 

10:10 AM: Flight 93 crashes in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, 45 people, including the terrorists die on board.

10:28 AM: The World Trade Center north tower collapses.
In this tragic moment in time 2,749 people lost their lives. 23 NYPD police officers and 343 NYFD firefighters gave their lives in an attempt try and save others. It is important to remember these events, as they are etched into our souls and written upon the very fabric of our hears. Let us also never forget the brave and their sacrifice, those who willingly risk their lives, day in and day out to keep us safe. Let us remember those who fought bravely and brought down United 93 into a field in Shanksville. Pennsylvania, potentially saving hundreds or thousands of more lives. 

 Take a moment this week to reflect upon how this event has changed you, and just pause to remember.  

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